Getting to your next:  Selling your home

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While inventory is low, it’s a wonderful time to capture top dollar for your Oregon home. If you are thinking about selling, here are a few key things to consider to prep your home for sale.

  1. You’ve heard it said. You should declutter your home. This is so true for several reasons:
  • We want to make your home appear as spacious as possible. 
  • We don’t want to distract potential buyers with your belongings. Collections, family photographs, too many books on potentially controversial topics and your drinking or smoking preference are some of the things that can create distractions and should be eliminated.
  • Working with me means we’re using the best photographers and there are ideal furniture placements and removal of “normal” home items that will make your home appear more desirable. Things like clearing kitchen countertops, and shower shelves, packing up some of your closet items so closets appear more spacious, etc.
  1. Go out to the street and look back at your home.  How is your mailbox? Doormat? Flowers?  Is there anything you can remove or spruce up?  Specifically at your front door are there spiderwebs? Do we need to update the doorbell, paint the front door, change a lightbulb?  Buyers will be standing at the front door while their agent retrieves your key for showing. Make a great first impression by looking at that space with fresh eyes and making any needed tweaks.
  1. Inside – clean is everything.  I am happy to assist my clients with cleaning services and to do a quick walkthrough with staging and decluttering suggestions. As a rule, realtors don’t usually photograph the inside of a garage so boxing and storing extra things there works great!  Just keep it as tidy as you can and put everything in the center of the room so that inspectors can see all the walls and get to electrical panels, attic access, etc.
  1. If you have not had your HVAC serviced in the past year have it serviced and do any recommended repairs and put in fresh filters.  That paperwork will save you time and money once you are under contract with your buyer.
  1. Make a plan for that first weekend on market. I advise my clients, if possible, to go away for the weekend so that we can accommodate as many showings as possible and do two open houses.  This gets us off to a great start and, in the current market, with exceptional marketing might even land you a contract in the first week.  

These are just a few of the many ideas I share with my clients when prepping their home for market. There are strategies for everything in real estate! From timing your sale and purchase and navigating two transactions at once, to getting not only top dollar but the best terms for your home.  This is a very personal transaction and you need a stellar agent with great marketing, negotiating, management  and communication skills.  If you are thinking about selling your home in two weeks or two years, I’d be honored to have a conversation about the possibilities and to learn more what works best for you and how, together, we can create that and get you to your what’s next!

Don’t Find Your Agent Off of a Bus Bench…

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Moving out of state and wondering how to find your next home?

We realtors spend a lot of money promoting ourselves, but as you probably already know, not all agents are created equally. Did you know that 87% of all Oregon agents never make it past their first year? 


I belong to a nation wide program that allows me to vet an agent out-of-state for you – for FREE!

This past year I have helped people find agents who not only have a proven track record, they also have good relationships and reputations in our industry. Those things are critical when you are trying to get an offer accepted on a home you love.

If you are in another state or city, I’d be honored to help you find a new agent. This service doesn’t cost you a dime and can make your move SO much easier knowing you are in capable and competent hands. 

Let’s talk!

How Real is HGTV?

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Are you an HGTV Fan? 

How real is it???? 

I once had a beloved client say, “I know a lot about real estate because I watch a TON of HGTV.” I’m so glad I knew him well because I burst into laughter!  I replied, “That’s a lot like saying I know all about healthy relationships because I watch ‘Housewives of Beverly Hills’.”

Luckily, he also burst into laughter.

HGTV is awesome for many things such as:

-great decorating/ remodeling ideas/ landscaping ideas

-getting an idea of the kinds of things that can go wrong in remodeling and some solutions

-understanding that remodeling and purchasing real estate is a process with ups and downs

-and most of all ENTERTAINMENT

What it’s not great for:

-setting realistic expectations for timelines, frustrations, deadlines or negotiations

-budgets. You cannot redo a major bathroom for $4000 – NOT.HAPPENING.

-some of the drama is fake-ever notice into any given show something goes horribly wrong? Yeah…. that’s been scripted. I have friends who were on one of these shows and they were told when to fight and disagree.

-some of those remodels look good on camera but not in real life.

I’ve met one of the designers behind “The Property Brothers” – and I quizzed her hard.

The hosts on these shows are mostly figure heads with tons of talent behind them. They show up for the “filming” and walk away while others do all the behind scenes actual work.

Do I still watch?  Of course I do!  I have a special place in my heart for makeover shows.

Just know that if you want to sell your home, the smartest place to start is with a vetted, talented, caring agent who can walk through the home with you and help you know where you DO need to spend money to get ready for market and where you do NOT. 

Looking to Buy a home in Oregon?

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Buying in the Portland area is a trick right now – rates are low, inventory is lower. Many listings are getting 20+ offers and selling within days if not hours. It takes a skilled agent to help you create the perfect strategy for getting the home of your dreams. This is where I can help. I use my unique skill set and exceptional reputation to create offers that the listing agent and sellers want to accept even if you aren’t highest offer. I have a proven track record of taking exception care of all of my Portland clients and would be honored to put my skills to work for you.

Relocating to Oregon?

Map of the state of Oregon

Whether you are looking to move to Oregon, or relocating out of state I can help. As a trusted Oregon Broker I can help you discover the perfect neighborhood based on your unique needs, and connect you to all kinds of vetted and trusted resources to make your transition as smooth as possible. If you are moving out of Oregon I can vet other Brokers for you where-ever you may be heading in the US free of charge. It’s my honor to go above and beyond the service you would normally received from a Realtor. How can I help?

Moving to Oregon?

Are you plotting your move to beautiful Oregon?

We don’t blame you at all, it’s a very special place! When moving from one state to another it’s always great to have a plan, and on-the-ground partners to smooth the way.

Moving to OregonLet’s chat about neighborhoods, schools, Oregon lenders, your dreams and put together a plan to get you here with grace and ease.

Here’s a recent recommendation from a family I helped move up from Southern California:

“We were fortunate to stumble upon Kelly when we were were looking for a second home. We instantly connected and had a great rapport, and I knew that Kelly would be a great agent for us as we continued our search. She was always very responsive, very professional , asks the right questions, keeps you informed in a timely manner and is totally on top of things during the whole process -so you don’t have to be during the emotional process of buying a home. Kelly considered that we were coming from out of state and had to be our feet on the ground during the process – and never once did I worry that our best interested weren’t being represented. She also provided lots of resources to help us get settled – and is still helping us even though the sale is complete! Highly recommend. Thank you Kelly!”

Thank YOU Lauren. My honor.

What people say…

“We recently worked with Kelly on the purchase of a new home and the sale of our prior home. Kelly exceeded our expectations every step of the way, and I can confidently say she is the best real estate agent that we have worked with. She communicates along each step, ensuring that each party is continuing to move along in the process as necessary. Kelly has excellent relationships with vendors when services are needed, and was willing to step in whenever she could be of assistance. We had a vacation (out of the country) during our process, and Kelly ensured that we didn’t miss anything while we were difficult to reach. She also does an excellent job in negotiations and helping her clients achieve the results they are hoping for. I would not hesitate to recommend Kelly to anyone looking to sell or purchase a home.” Thank you Sigi!

Thinking to Sell in 2021?

Now is the time. It’s a perfect storm in the Greater Portland Metro Area – low interest rates remain, inventory is extremely low, and with the proper marketing homes are flying from “listed” to “in escrow”. So if you are thinking to sell this would be a great time for us to chat! Together we will create a strategy to prep your home, set up your marketing to excel, create a plan for your next home and then execute it at the highest level. Be honored to be of service.


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