Buying with a Partner

Buying with a partner - Natural light living room, window wall, brick wall, tall open ceiling with concrete stairs and grey couches and ottomans with greenery

Buying with a partner?  

Here is one strategy to reduce stress and be sure you are aligned on your new home.  

I call it the power of 3’s.   

Before you begin your search, sit down together and make a list of three answers (ONLY THREE) to each of these three questions:

1) What are your three absolute must haves? 

These are you hard stop deal breakers. 

Examples might be:

-must have 3 bedrooms

-must have fenced backyard

-must be within 20 minutes of our jobs

2)What are your three would love to haves?  

These have possible other solutions so they aren’t deal breakers, but you would really really like them to be part of your new home.  

Examples might be:

-two car attached garage

(ok…. we could live with one car garage, but would LOVE two!)

-a separate office

-an upstairs laundry room

3)What are your three fantasy items?  

Examples might be:

-A view of Mount Hood

-A porch, always wanted a front porch

-A coffee shop within walking distance

Obviously, your answers will be unique to you and with this list in hand, our shopping experience will be much more of a treasure hunt to find the items in 2 & 3 and much less stressful because you and your partner will have a vision for what “it” looks like.  

And that will help you identify it once we find it!

Ready for buying with a partner?

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