Boutique Services

Caring for people in this way is the most gratifying work I’ve ever done. It would be my honor to be your advocate.

Let’s chat and see if we are a good fit!


Let’s create a strategy that fits your life. I can help you price your home, suggest items that need or do not need to be addressed, and advise you on staging. When we’re ready, I’ll market it beautifully with both business to business and general public campaigns.


Shopping! What fun.
First step let’s get you preapproved for a loan, I have fabulous lender resources. Let’s discuss your unique needs and wants, see what’s on the market and about to be, and find you an amazing place to live your life.


Ready to invest? I can help you purchase your first or next rental property. Done being a landlord and ready to sell? Let’s create a plan, stay safely within current Oregon tennant laws and get you the most we can for your investment property.


From out of state? Let’s talk about your needs and timing then identify the right neighborhood and home for you. Moving out of state? I have access to the best referral agents in the nation and can help you vet an exceptional partner before you even arrive.


Condo’s are their own unique animal; did you know there are actually a different set of real estate forms for condos? I can assist you in navigating through this complicated process, including what we need from your HOA, and being compliant with HOA marketing rules.


Multiple inspectors, escrow officers, contractors, lenders, appraisers and co-operative agents are just some of the villagers it takes to process your transaction. Over the years I have built an exceptional team. Not moving but need a vendor recommendation? I may be able to help.