Some Expectations

Kitchen with gray cabinets and gray countertops, stainless steel refrigerator, 3 cylindrical pendant lights clear and silver, bright natural light

Some expectations…

Expect to vacate your home for every showing. 

Expect a buyer’s agent to ask you questions if they run into you. Refer them back to me to protect your best interests. 

Expect buyers to make low offers.

Expect buyers to ask for closing costs. 

Expect buyers to ask for a home warranty. I recommend you consider purchasing one which is a great selling feature.

Expect to vacate for multiple inspections, most common three: whole house, radon and sewer scope. However there are many more which may be requested such as roof, oil tank, septic, pest, etc.

Expect buyers to ask for repairs that could range from $200 to $20,000. 

Expect that there is a chance our appraisal will come in low.

Expect buyers financing to potentially fall through due to circumstances beyond their control.

Expect buyers to be nervous and make unreasonable requests, especially if this is their first purchase. Just because they ask, doesn’t mean we have to say “yes.”

Expect that agents may schedule an appointment to show your home, not show up, and not call to cancel. Rude.

Expect that agents may leave a door unlocked, or let a pet out.

Expect agents may show up without making an appointment.

Expect some agents will refuse to give feedback. 

Expect that if we are on the market more than a couple of weeks without activity, that we will discuss a price correction to re-establish buyer activity.

Expect there to be some hurdles throughout the process, but that we will work through them together. You are not alone in this process.

Questions about other expectations? Reach out! I’m here to help.