Thinking of Buying?

Small blue gray mobile home with a front and side porch. It has a white porch railing out in the country on land shared by a larger siding house.

Thinking of buying? Why buying now may actually be your most brilliant move.

If you are thinking to purchase, this market may have discouraged you a bit.  

Here’s a few financial things to consider if you are currently renting, and first steps towards your home purchase should you decide to move forward.

  1. Rent paid this year is cash out of pocket, plus you don’t get the write off of having a mortgage and you aren’t gaining appreciation.  So figure that equals whatever you are paying in rent x 3.
  1. Home prices statistically and historically continuing to rise.  So, the same home you might buy today, will most likely be quite a bit more expensive next year.  Depending upon your price point that could be $40,000 to $100,000 more…. appreciation that could be yours if you had purchased it.
  1. Interest rates are expected to continue to rise. They doubled in just the past few months. Every .25% increase to an interest rate can make a several hundred dollar a month difference to a mortgage – again it depends on the amount of the loan.

So in my opinion it’s still a great time to be buying a home, even though the market is competitive and a bit stressful.  

To have the best experience and success with the process you need two things:  

First an exceptional lender.  If you don’t have one please reach out I can connect you to resources. Trust me they are not all created equally. Being pre-approved for your loan is critical before shopping. You want to know what your payment will be, what you are pre-approved for and that paperwork must be submitted with your offer when you find a home.


Second an exceptional agent. You need an agent who is resourceful, responsive and creative. You need an agent other agents want to work with and who has a stellar reputation.  I am all of those things and more and would be honored to be of service!