Home Buying Do’s & Don’ts

Living room with white walls, natural hardwood floors, plenty of natural light, camel colored couch with grey throw pillow, old, claw food table with black light.

Home buying do’s and don’ts for your loan process!

You’ve found your home, your stellar agent got your offer accepted, now let’s be careful to keep your loan on track!  Here are the top three things to do and NOT to do at this stage of the game.


-Promptly respond to all lender requests, this is an ongoing process and until you have keys in hand there will be ongoing lender needs.  Don’t slow your escrow. Stay on top of it.

-Contact your insurance agent of choice early in the process and let them know about your new purchase and arrange for insurance on your new home.

-Continue to make all payments on time. Your lender will have to pull your credit again a day or two before closing.


-Apply for any new credit of ANY kind. Do not finance anything until after closing.

-Don’t scare the underwriting team. Don’t co-sign on another person’s loan, change your address or name.

-Don’t quit or change jobs until home is closed. Changes to employment or income during this month could cost you your new home.

There are more things to do and not do!

Happy to have a conversation with you to be sure it all goes well.