Your Doorstep is Everything

Reddish brown front door with light rectangular stone work around frame with single concrete step up to door with two black cavelike sconces flanking the door along with two tall rod iron twisted plant holders holding terra cotta pots with spring pansy flowers and greenery

So, you’re thinking about selling your home?


There are some simple things you can do that will make a huge difference.  

Your doorstep is everything.

I work with both buyers and sellers and can tell you there have been many times when I’m out showing a buyer a home and they decide they are in love with the house before I even get the door open. That probably means something about the character of the exterior and the neighborhood really works for them. And, it also usually means the mailbox is in great shape. The exterior lights are working. The doormat is fresh. The spiderwebs are gone. There are blooming flowers near the door. And the listing agent has placed the lockbox in an easily accessible place.


Consider the process…. I’m standing on your doorstep working the lockbox while the buyer and I chat away. They’re checking things out from that viewpoint. Making a strong first impression is so important. If you can’t be bothered to touch up the front door paint, then maybe you also haven’t been servicing the furnace???   

Remember, your doorstep is everything.

I’d be honored to help you sell your home and can help you with many other tips to help you secure that best offer. Let’s talk!