How Real is HGTV?

New home tan exterior with mocha brown door and garage doors white trim.

Are you an HGTV Fan? 

How real is it???? 

I once had a beloved client say, “I know a lot about real estate because I watch a TON of HGTV.” I’m so glad I knew him well because I burst into laughter!  I replied, “That’s a lot like saying I know all about healthy relationships because I watch ‘Housewives of Beverly Hills’.”

Luckily, he also burst into laughter.

HGTV is awesome for many things such as:

-great decorating/ remodeling ideas/ landscaping ideas

-getting an idea of the kinds of things that can go wrong in remodeling and some solutions

-understanding that remodeling and purchasing real estate is a process with ups and downs

-and most of all ENTERTAINMENT

What it’s not great for:

-setting realistic expectations for timelines, frustrations, deadlines or negotiations

-budgets. You cannot redo a major bathroom for $4000 – NOT.HAPPENING.

-some of the drama is fake-ever notice into any given show something goes horribly wrong? Yeah…. that’s been scripted. I have friends who were on one of these shows and they were told when to fight and disagree.

-some of those remodels look good on camera but not in real life.

I’ve met one of the designers behind “The Property Brothers” – and I quizzed her hard.

The hosts on these shows are mostly figure heads with tons of talent behind them. They show up for the “filming” and walk away while others do all the behind scenes actual work.

Do I still watch?  Of course I do!  I have a special place in my heart for makeover shows.

Just know that if you want to sell your home, the smartest place to start is with a vetted, talented, caring agent who can walk through the home with you and help you know where you DO need to spend money to get ready for market and where you do NOT.