Finding an Out-of-Town Agent

Scandinavian home interior scene with a medium sized bookshelf with lots of books and props, two old leather chairs, a small table with a chess board table and a rectangular rug under the table and the chairs.

I am often asked for help finding just the right agent at the Oregon Coast, or Texas, or Florida, or Utah, or New York… you get the point. Finding an out-of-town agent on your own can be stressful.

So, I’ve put together a program where I can help you find just the right agent anywhere in the country by not only checking their behind-the-scenes agent reviews, but also by calling them and interviewing them for you. Yes, I vet them personally!

Then, I give you two agents that I think would be a great fit. You want an agent who not only has a proven track record, but one who has good relationships and a great reputation in the industry. Finding an out-of-town agent is a delicate balance.

This is a free service I provide and I am honored to help. Please don’t hire your agent off a park bench in a new town or because it’s your brother’s, ex’s cousin twice removed.  

This is one of your most personal decisions, not to mention one of your most expensive investments. Let’s do this right.  I can help.

Let’s chat!