Crazy Market

Beautiful kitchen room with green island and farmhouse sink.

Here’s the bottom line, yes inventory is low now. 

It’s been low in the Pacific Northwest for years.

Yes, interest rates are starting to rise.  

Anyone else remember when they were 8%???

When the market is challenging, what you need on your side is an exceptional, talented, hands on agent who cares about your real estate goals.

I can help you prep your home for sale, market and negotiate, so we actually close at the highest price bid instead of having it not appraise at last minute before closing and price coming back down.

Or, if you are buying I can help you write an offer that isn’t necessarily the highest bid, but because of my stellar reputation with other agents, great terms, and some personal touches helps us drastically increase the chances of getting your offer accepted in a crazy competitive market. 

And did you know that working with a buyer’s agent is 100% free to you?  Most people don’t know that!

I’d be honored to talk about your plans whether you are two weeks from doing something or two years.  Let’s chat…. People are buying and selling all the time.  As Lady Gaga would say, ”I’ve got you”.